Karen2014I am so grateful that you’ve visited the World Gratitude Day Pittsburgh site!!

I’m Karen Litzinger, owner of Litzinger Career Consulting.  I hosted the first World Gratitude Day Pittsburgh event in 2012 in celebration of my 10th year in business and had hosted the event through 2018, in co-sponsorship with First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh.

The in-person event will no longer occur annually, but I plan to encourage people to still celebrate World Gratitude Day every September 21st through a special annual gratitude email and by keeping this site live to help people get ideas on how to celebrate and also read the history I summarized about World Gratitude Day.

I also want to encourage people to contribute to Literacy Pittsburgh or your local literacy nonprofit in honor of World Gratitude Day. I chose this cause to support since writing daily in a gratitude journal has been part of my life since 2000 and since encouraging writing thank you notes is so much a part of my job search coaching and business etiquette training work.

Click here to directly contribute to Literacy Pittsburgh


Perhaps I will bring back an anniversary event in 2022 to celebrate my 20 years in business.

In the meantime do browse the website and enjoy the photos below from this inspirational and meditative event.

Coffeehouse format 2016 cropped enhanced

Reflective writing with soothing piano background.


Karen and Suzanne Froehlich enjoying Smiley Cookies donated by Eat'nPark

Karen and Suzanne Froehlich enjoying Smiley Cookies donated by Eat’nPark

Ellen Marcus at Thank-You-Note-athon Table

Ellen Marcus at Thank-You-Note-athon Table

Click here for the history of World Gratitude Day and, and click here for my story and inspiration for the event.  Click here for articles on how gratitude increases good health and happiness.