We’re please to announce Ronni Weiss as the musician for our inspirational songs and meditative music.  She is particularly excited to celebrate World Gratitude Day which is her birthday! She is often featured at Ease restaurant in Regent Square on the second and fourth Fridays of the month.

Here’s more information about Ronni from her website, http://www.ronniweissmusic.com/

This is often the response from people seeing and hearing Ronni Weiss for the very first time. She has been called  “the diminutive woman with the monumental voice” by pianist, composer, and arranger Ian Kane and “the little lady with the big voice” by  Roger Barbour, trumpet and flugelhorn player, both music colleagues in the Pittsburgh area.

Ronni has been singing and playing piano throughout her life, has done solo gigs, been part of duos, trios and full bands. Her sound is unique… rich and deep, catching the attention of the audience wherever she performs. Her favorite styles are jazz and blues and she can often be seen at the many venues around town.